If you want to get involved in the openArbanProject then here are some resources and information that you that you need. Before anything you should get in touch! If you wish to help in writing out the openArban book then you will need the contributor’s pack and to be allocated work. If you wish to have a go at writing out any public domain works then the information below will probably be helpful for you, but we’d still love to hear what you’re working on and offer support if needed.


The project it now hosted on GitHub. If you are familiar with GitHub then access to our repository of Lilypond files and the Contributor’s Pack can be found at


The Lilypond Project – Find out about Lilypond, install it for free and try it out.

Frescobaldi – The recommended editor for lilypond files.

Lilypond Tutorials – This is a good set of tutorials to get you using Lilypond.

Lilypond Facebook Group – Meet other people who use this amazing software.

Trumpet Planet – Rich Colquhoun is the current project leader. Find out more about him on this website.

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